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Chemical Service

Pool Chemical Balance Test

  Our Chemical Service is our economical service for the pool owner that has the time to take care of his or her own pool. Generally, the chemical balance and over all chemistry of any pool is the most difficult task for most pool owners. We save you time and money by providing all necessary chemicals and testing your pool water every week. You no longer need to store dangerous chemicals at home. We will come to your pool weekly to analyze, test, and then add the proper chemicals your pool needs. Our service technician will also visually inspect your equipment and pool surfaces. When complete, the service technician will email you the test results with a list of what chemicals were added to maintain proper water chemistry as well as notify you of any issues that need to be addressed with your pool and/or equipment.

  If you should need chemicals, maintenance tools or any other pool product, simply contact us on a link in the email or through this site. Because of your status as a Chemical Client you can receive up to 10% off of normal pricing on all of your purchases from Cerulean Pool Services. We will deliver any purchases to your home for free.

  You may also schedule repairs through this site or by phone.

  Our Chemical Service should be looked at as a year round service. Many pool owners make the mistake of ignoring their pools after they stop swimming in the Fall and allow the pool to grow dormant until Spring. This neglect can damage pool equipment and surfaces. It is highly recommended that you properly maintain your pool throughout the year.

  We look forward to serving you as a Chemical Client.

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